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International Fateh Academy

a budding school of international standard

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International Fateh Academy, a unique school nurtured by a Canada Based management is at your threshold to take away your qualms about your child's education and to set novel and advanced trends in the prevailing process of teaching and learning. As the name suggests it is an academy which makes your child a vanquisher at all the fronts of life by imbibing all the qualities which are the call of the present time through its progressive, creative and ultra modern teaching techniques. IFA aims at the laying of a strong foundation along with the all round and harmonious development of the children.

Our Diversity

Besides providing high standards of education, IFA infuses the true and high values of Sikhism in its students and makes them adhere to the utterances and teachings of ten Gurus as scriptured in Guru Granth Sahib Ji. It also inspires them to follow the Sikh code of conduct and conventions (Sikh Rehit Maryada) and brings home to them the significance of Gurbani through its inimitable teaching strategies. It also inculcates in them the practice of reciting Gurbani, emphasizes the value of leading a pious and pure life believing in hard work, righteous earning and in sharing one's food, helping the poor, the needy and the grief stricken. Pilgrimage to holy gurdwaras of the country shall acquaint the students in an effective way about Sikh History. They will be encourged to take part in gurmat connected competitions and activities. IFA neither motivates its students to indulge in mean crusades and violence of any kind nor will it encourage them to subjugate material and bodies, rather it seeks to strengthen their faith by conquering hearts with their humility and selfless service.

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Our Commitments

IFA is committed to provide a congenial environment for our pupils where they can develop their innate powers and achieve great heights of success without losing their individuality. It endeavors to draw the best from your children and assist them to craft their personality sublime. In addition to this IFA will inspires its pupils to move ahead with the time to accomplish their goals. At the same time it will keep them intact with the ever valued spiritual thoughts, traditions and culture of Sikhi. Our goal is, as well, to imbue them with tolerance, perseverance, courtesy, humility and high wisdom.

Our Habitat

We deem ourselves privileged to be situated in the sacred and historical city of Darbar Sahib Ji, which has become a famous place of pilgrimage and tourist attraction for not only Sikhs but rather for the pilgrims of many other religions as our Gurus intended. Besides the Harmandir Sahib itself such nearby historical places as Jalianwala Bagh, the Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum and Company Bagh the city of Amritsar is adorned with magnificent shopping Malls, Hotels and an International Airport which has boldly engraved the name of the city on the World's map forever.

International Fateh Academy has a large campus, which is dotted with beautiful plantings and surrounded with greenery. Our beautiful facility is only a drive of 13 km from the Holy city, located 1 km away from the dust and din of G.T. Road (NH 1).

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Our Ambitions

America, France, Australia, England and Canada may remain alien for you but not for your children as they will be receiving the same World Class education in our World class environment. Here at IFA we will be enrolling 40% of our students from abroad and 60% from within the country. IFA will not only provide a great platform for National Integration but for International Intergration, as well. A big part of our commitment, here at IFA, is to develop peace and harmony amongst the nations as we develop peace and harmony among our students.

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About Our Hostel

We have an excellent hostel with excellent amenities, which includes separate wings for both boys and girls. Our facility is designed to give your child an opportunity to enjoy a modern World Class standard of living. Additional staff catering to the academics and emotional needs of the children reside in the hostel. A well balanced nutritious diet with an interesting menu which has been designed with the help of a Nutritionist and Dietician. There is as well a full time caretaker assigned for each room and its four children who will look after their day to day requirements. Each room is layed out to accommodate four children, each with an attached washroom.

Separate Curriculum for the children staying in the hostel. Medical facilities are available on the campus around the clock, with regular health check ups by a team of doctors.

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