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Sikhi on Youtube!
Threwhyguru.jpg On the 28th March 2012, a new YouTube channel was launched for the global Sikh community. Basics of Sikhi has released more than 40 videos focusing on spreading the wisdom of the Sikh Gurus. The main philosophy of the channel is to simply teach the basics wisdom of Guru in a way that avoids..... → read more
Transcending Anger and Fear: The Sikh Way
Ryanatvigil.jpg The vigil in front of the White House last evening for the victims of Oak Creek massacre was beautiful... It transcended the fear, confusion and anger evoked by this massacre and focused our energy towards a common purpose: love and care for each other and unite against hate...... → read more
Sikhi on Youtube!
threwhyguru.jpg On the 28th March 2012, a new YouTube channel was launched for the global Sikh community. Basics of Sikhi has released more than 40 videos focusing on spreading the wisdom of the Sikh Gurus. The main philosophy of the channel is to simply teach the basics wisdom of Guru in a way that avoids..... → read more
Transcending Anger and Fear: The Sikh Way
ryanatvigil.jpg The vigil in front of the White House last evening for the victims of Oak Creek massacre was beautiful... It transcended the fear, confusion and anger evoked by this massacre and focused our energy towards a common purpose: love and care for each other and unite against hate...... → read more
Misguided connection between turbans and terrorism plagues Sikhs in America
hathaway.jpg The very American ideals and values of freedom and sacrifice for one's country are paralleled by the teachings of Sikhism. The three basic principles of Sikhism are to work hard to earn an honest living, to share one's earnings with others through charity, and to remember our almighty creator by chanting his name..... → read more
Janam Sakhi Guru Nanak Dev ji ~ Video series
Janamsakhi.jpg Kuldeep Singh Thind recites sikh history and other Punjabi related books on youtube. Starting from name of God, Ek onkaar followed by Guru Nanak Dev Ji's biography (Janam Saakhi), Heer Waris Shah, history of Guru Gobind singh, and many more are expected to be released ..... → read more
Tagore on Bhai Taru Singh Ji
tagore.jpg An inspirational poem on Bhai Taru Singh Ji's last moments before his martyrdom. It was originally written in Bengali in 1899 by Rabindranath Tagore. The poem 'Prarthanatit Dan' (Gift Beyond that Begged) in the book Katha (Legends). The present translation is taken from the book 'The Eclipsed Sun' by Rajat Das Gupta...... → read more
Guru Arjun’s Martyrdom - Trendsetter for Fearlessness
guruarjun-thumb.jpg We Sikhs are rightly castigated for not having made the world know of the spirit and examples of sacrifice by the sikh Gurus and their followers. People say One Jesus died according to the New Testament and his followers made this a major plank of their faith,..... → read more
My First Encounter With Injustice
TableChairs-thmnl.jpg Suddenly, Ranjit let out a loud yelp, followed immediately by a full-throated, blood-curdling scream. His legs shot up from under the table. He flailed at one of them as his chair fell back, throwing him head-first onto the ground. The other foot knocked our small table..... → read more
Guru Granth Sahib: An Introduction To Sikh Scripture
Guru-Granth-thmnl.jpg The central text of the Sikh religion - the Guru Granth Sahib - is a different kind of scripture. A number of features mark its distinctiveness among the scriptures of the world, including its style, content, history and authority. One unique aspect of the Guru Granth Sahib relates..... → read more
Akash Bani - Music Review
ether-reality-wallpapers_2025_1024x768.jpg I wanted to share with you a new and unique musician from Córdoba, Argentina. Her name is Pavan Kaur. She débuts her beautiful new album "Akash Bani". Centered around the Bani of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, each track has the sweet musical compositions from pauris of Japji Sahib..... → read more
The Gurdwara in Phuket, Thailand
The_Gurdwara_in_Phuket%2C_Thailand_110px.jpg I noticed the Sikh Gurdwara in Phuket Town many years ago. It was opened in 2001, though the very first Sikh Gurdwara here was built back in 1939 by "Sikhs who had come to Phuket to do Tin Mining and Railway Engineering under the supervision of the British"..... → read more
MARTYRS an exciting new Docu-Feature Film
martyrs-thumb.jpg MARTYRS is the first international film on Sikh history. Screenings are happening now at various Gurdwaras in New York City and it has been very well received by audiences. This 85 minute docu-featuure depicts a brief introduction to Sikh history and all the Ten Gurus..... → read more
Vegetarian Consciousness and the Meditative Mind
buddha.jpg With further study this made sense to me. We have lived and evolved for hundreds of thousands of years eating primarily fruits, vegetables, and the occasional animal that we could catch. We are very well genetically adapted to eating these foods...... → read more
Happy? Positive outlook may be good for your heart
happiness-thumb.jpg Have a happy heart - Being upbeat and optimistic just may help protect you against heart disease. Scientists have long known that Type A personalities and people who are chronically angry, anxious or depressed have a higher risk of heart attacks...... → read more
What is Chardikala?
gur14h.jpg After the celebrations of Vaisakhi, it is well worthwhile to reflect on the meaning of Chardikala. Having heard translations like “soaring spirit” and “ever optimistic,” the one we’ve liked the best is, ‘Chardikala is when if you’ve just lost a leg and someone asks, “How are you?”, you say Chardikala!’..... → read more
The Inquisition
RamDhanush-thmnl.jpg It was the long-dreaded day of the annual visit by the Government School Inspector. He was greeted by the Superintendent of the local School Board and the Head Master, as well as the Head of the Parents’ Association, the Head Priest from the nearby temple, and of course, the region’s Member of Parliament...... → read more
It Takes a Sangat to Raise a Child
mpa-thumb.jpg Miri Piri Academy needs your support to continue to provide financial aid to more than 75% of our students who come to the school to develop mind, body and spirit and learn Khalsa values and Kundalini Yoga. Students come from all over the world to discipline their minds..... → read more
I am Superstitious Singh – even Luqman Haqeem has no cure for it
crossed_fingers-thumb.jpg Though I am a senior government officer but I am known as a public servant. Maybe because of this public keeps me well cared and well fed. However, temptation of easy money was irresistible. The result was that a trap was laid and I was caught red-handed..... → read more
The Elephant In The Room: The Rogue Nation of Asia
elephant-thmnl.jpg For all its business acumen and the extraordinary creativity unleashed in the service of growth, today's India is an international adolescent, a country of outsize ambition but anemic influence. India's colorful, stubborn loquaciousness, so enchanting on a personal level..... The Elephant → read more
CCTV enemy of thieving rats at Darbar Sahib
On February 24, a Sikh devotee from Attepur village in Gurdaspur district went to take a bath in Golden Temple Sarovar near Dukh Bhanjani Beri. As he entered the Sarovar, a man decamped with his trousers containing his wallet and cellphone...... → read more
Sikh taxi drivers are inspiring artist Dan Connell
dc.jpg In becoming an artist the course I have taken is perhaps circuitous. Though I create what is accepted as artworks in the traditional understanding it is my interaction with communities that most profoundly informs my art practice. An honours degree in Spanish and Latin American studies,..... → read more
Incidental Happiness
happy-sad-1.jpg Problems and bad news are in plenty and everywhere; but wisdom lies in taking note of small incidents of joy that too could bring happiness and touch our lives every now and then. Why not enjoy these moments of joy to douse the fire of sorrows...... → read more
My Special K
kara-thmnl.jpg When a "karra" was slipped onto my wrist at the Golden Temple, I didn’t expect the steel bangle with Gurmukhi prayers etched onto it to develop its own presence. My friend Lucky explains that the karra - an article of faith - reminds Sikhs that..... → read more
Furrow Thy Mind - A Garden Will Rise
Furrow-thmnl.jpg In our village lived Bhai Swarna, an illiterate farmer. He was a regular visitor to our house, coming every day, to learn the Punjabi alphabet (painti akhri - the Thirty Five Letters) from my grandfather. In time, he was able to read and write Gurmukhi...... → read more
Potatoes lower BP: USDA study
purplemajesty-thumb.jpg Potatoes lower blood pressure in people with obesity and hypertension without increasing weight. Researchers at the 'Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry', say that the decrease, although seemingly small, is sufficient to potentially reduce the risk of several forms of heart disease...... → read more
Complete Shri Sai Satcharitra On Grains Of Rice
124j32o.jpg So he began to draw the faces of the Gurus on little grains of rice, mustard seeds and sesame. After that he drew the entire Sukhmani Sahib on 5,0000 grains of rice and has ever since been known in India for his work. He got invited by many important people..... → read more
The 9th Lord of Miracles Tour - Peru 2011
dscn9433.jpg It was a transformational experience for these women and most had tears in their eyes by the end of the class. To know that the ladies from our Sangat in Lima continue with this Seva of teaching these women is an inspiration and is very fortunate for the inmates...... → read more
Sikh Artifacts in The Lahore Museum
Lahore1-thmnl.jpg The Central Museum in Lahore, Punjab, is rich in relics from the Sikh Era. Tahir Iqbal, who has carried out research on Sikh history, provides us with photographs of some of those preserved in the Sikh Gallery. The Sikhs, after the demise of the Mughal Empire..... → read more
New Sikh Heritage Museum in Abbotsford, British Columbia
Abbot-thmnl.jpg Lieutenant Governor Steven Point was there to launch the celebration with a ribbon-cutting. Later, the exhibition was formally inaugurated with a prayer by the congregation. The afternoon of Saturday, December 17, 2011, marked an historical event for Sikh-Canadians..... → read more
Sikhs in Latin America: Travels among the Sikh Diaspora
sikhsinlatinamerica.jpg This is an endeavour by the author to complete the Sikh migration map by covering countries about which little is known and hence is a pioneering effort in Diaspora studies. It has been a heartwarming experience for him to meet some of these Sikh Khalsas, at times..... → read more
Gurmat Sangeet revival by youth, the History & Reality
dr_gurnam_singh.jpg The Department of Gurmat Sangeet, Punjabi University, Patiala, recently made its (1,800 hours) music archives available online. Presently the Dean as well as the founder professor and head of the department, Dr. Gurnam Singh is one of the catalysts in the promotion of Gurbani music...... → read more
Defending The Defenders Of Civilized Behaviour
Defender-thmnl.jpg I learned for the first time how young Kashmiri children are arrested and held in indefinite custody for the crime of throwing stones at Indian security forces because of their excesses. Children as young as eight and ten are held in custody as dangerous offenders..... → read more
Can ordinary people experience a state of Grace?
godsgrace.jpg I think the closest concept to a "state of Grace" in the Sikh faith is the state of "sehaj," which is the state of realization and awareness of God. A person in the state of sehaj attains a constant state of contentment and bliss and is aware of the presence of God's light within...... → read more
2-year-old twentieth generation Muslim devotee of Guru Nanak
nankana2.jpg A Muslim family that donated 19000 acres of land to Guru Nanak before becoming his first disciple outside the Guru's family is prepared to dedicate a two-and-a-half year old 20th generation member to Guru Nanak. 32-year-old high court lawyer Saleem Bhatti..... → read more
Bandi Chhor Divas
diwali-thumb.jpg Hundreds of candles lining the walkways and porch in front of Gurdwara Sahib Guru Nanak Dwara in Phoenix, AZ, cast a warm glow upon delighted young faces. Little children carefully and reverently carry their very own candles to place before the Guru..... → read more
Books & Bookshops: Bringing a Horse to Water, or Vice Versa
Horse-ToWater-thmnl.jpg The Big Apple - New York City’s Manhattan - now has a brand new gurdwara. I think it is the first such community space for Sikhs in the city. My regret is that, having spent almost four decades in it, it happened after I moved out of the city. Just two blocks from it stands a musty old building..... → read more
Book review: The Guru's Gift
Cynthia-thmnl.png This book is the first of its kind in Sikh women's studies. It draws and engages the reader into a variety of experiences of young Sikh women with whom research was conducted. These women have much to share; their ability to fluently communicate in English breaks away many barriers..... → read more
House of Refuge: Amritsar's Pingalwara
Pingalwara-aa.jpg The Pingalwara Charitable Society in Amritsar, Punjab, commonly known as Pingalwara, needs no introduction. The institution - a shelter for mentally challenged, handicapped, diseased, old age persons and the destitute --- is known all over the globe for the extraordinary services it provides to suffering humanity...... → read more
Marry—or Else
illustration.jpg Forced weddings and ‘honor’ killings aren’t just a developing-world issue. New research shows how it happens in England and the United States. When Jasvinder Sanghera turned 14, she knew her time had come. As the sixth of seven daughters in a conservative Sikh family, growing up in the English industrial city of Derby..... → read more
Sikh Identity: A Fading Image?
speaking-at-gurdwara1.jpg If you are a Sikh youth and wavering on this issue, I humbly suggest you really explore your reasons for not wearing the Five K’s. Go to your parents, find older Sikhs who’ve gone through the same issue, read the example of other Sikhs, and go to Waheguru–that wonderful light which dispels all darkness–for guidance...... → read more
"Sikh Converts" ...and the challenges they face
religious_intolerance_conversion.jpg I'm bringing up these challenges here, so that the Sikh Community may be more consciously aware of them, and realize that addressing these issues isn't only a Seva (Selfless Service), but a Responsibility that must be taken seriously. It directly affects the Now of the Sikh Panth...... → read more
Naam: From The Pen of Bhai Vir Singh
naam-thmnl.jpg "Clear your doubts. Be sure of your path. For only then will the mind endeavor to rise. When the mind rises, it will tune itself to the Divine. An un-attuned mind cannot be awakened. And an un-awakened mind cannot meet the Divine."..... → read more
Food and Drink! ... For Thought
Booze-a-m.jpg An interesting incident happened when I was flying to Toronto from Munich a few weeks ago which got me thinking. The steward who was serving beverages, saw me and he smiled politiely. The next thing, in a very eager tone, he asked, “Mr. Singh, can I get you some Scotch?”..... → read more
Movers & Shakers of Haripur Tales of Haripur
Ayub-khan-m1.jpg Haripur Hazara has had its fair share of prominent people. The most outstanding from among the Muslims was General Ayub Khan who rose to the position of the President of Pakistan, after serving as the country's Chief of Army Staff and Field Marshall..... → read more
Blessed Are The Cheesemakers: New Gurdwara established
ItalyG-thmnl.jpg Several thousand Sikh-Italians attended the inauguration ceremony on Sunday, August 21, 2011, of a major new gurdwara in Italy’s farming heartland in the Po River Valley, where many members of the community work as livestock farmers and cheese-makers..... → read more
Notes From the Road ~ from Snatam Kaur's blog
mom_snatam_jpk_web.jpg For me, this has been an experience of surrender, which I guess is love, but it's more about accepting life just as it is, as it is placed before me. Then acting responsibly. All the while, creating joy and happiness, and having faith and gratitude with what is placed on my path."..... → read more
Which Son Are You?
FatherAnd2SonsMS.jpg A father has two grown sons each living on their own. The dad has to go far away for work but he gets into trouble on his trip. He has been robbed of all his possessions. The father manages to sends identical letters to each of sons asking for some money to be sent so that he travel back home...... → read more