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The Road to Happiness
taxi1-thmnl.jpg When I travel on business, I like to talk to the taxi drivers who take me from the airport to my hotel, or to a convention center, or to a restaurant. Taxi drivers are often immigrants with interesting personal histories and unusual cultural backgrounds...... → read more
Donate generously - Make dreams come true
KhalsaAid.jpg We will remain an emergency relief organization but where possible we will assist the poor and underprivileged through short to long term development of their communities, digging water wells, providing medical clinics, building schools,..... → read more
"When Did You Know?"
inni-thmnl.jpg Since the publication of my book, Journey with the Gurus, the one question I get asked repeatedly is, " When did you know you wanted to be a writer?" I pause. I reflect. I remember around age fifteen, the thought of perhaps..... → read more
Standing Tall: Satnam Singh's NBA Dreams
basketball-thmnl.jpg The day after his 15-year-old son Satnam Singh came home in Ballo Ke village near Barnala (Punjab) from the U.S., Balbir Singh Bhamara doubled the daily supply of milk to the household. The 7-foot-2 lad, on the first break..... → read more
Guru Granth Sahib: A Model For Interfaith Understanding
Interfaith2.jpeg Though all the religions of the world teach love, preach sympathy for others and encourage Man to exercise utmost self-restraint and have most profoundly been a source of inspiration for the highest good of mankind, the world today is torn by conflicts, enmity and religious hatred...... → read more
Whatever you eat; Eat with consciousness!
Food.jpg Most of us don't know how our food is produced, where it comes from, what nutritional value it carries and what kind of impact its production has on mother earth. Gurbani tells us: "Eat only that which is pleasing to the Lord, and as Gurmukh, receive His blessings."..... → read more
Overcoming Doubt and Disconnection
PrithiHardKaurSqr.jpg For the past couple of weeks my sadhana has been growing steadily stronger and I feel very blessed to experience a growing feeling of contentment and spiritual connection. This feeling has also branched into my everyday experience..... → read more
In memory of Baba Budhaji..The Great Gursikh!
bhudhaji1.jpg Baba Buddha was the great Sikh saint who had the pleasure of serving under the first six Gurus. A venerated primal figure of early Sikhism. Born on 6 October 1506 at the village of Katthu Nangal, 18 km northeast of Amritsar. He was originally named Bura..... → read more
surdas.jpg I didn't have the heart to ride Encontada that day on the farm. I don't know that I'll ever ride a horse again. Maybe it's a tribute to all of the sacrifices horses have made for me that keeps me from putting myself in that position...... → read more
The Sikhs of Sumatra, Indonesia
sumatra-thmnl.gif If you have been to the North Sumatra capital of Medan, you may well have passed through an area of the city known to locals as Kampung Keling; for decades is been known as a settlement of Sikhs and other communities..... → read more
Becoming a Princess
turbans-thumb.jpg Does a girl become a princess by perfectly styled hair, jewelry; make up, a gorgeous dress and an attitude to match? Or does a girl become a princess by her very presence and her words and actions?..... → read more
Grandmother of Khalsa: 7th role of a Woman
matagujri-thumb.jpg Grandmothers around the world are famous for spoiling their grandchildren. But being a good Grandmother is about much more than spoiling the children. Mata Gujar Kaur Ji was with the two youngest sahibzadas..... → read more
The British and the Turban of the Sikhs
turban_-_copy.jpg Turban stands for courage and self-respect for a Sikh. During the two World Wars, turbaned Sikh soldiers, who fought as part of the British Indian Army, refused to wear steel helmets, writes Major-Gen Kulwant Singh (retd)...... → read more
Khalistan - The World not the Nation
aquarian_age-THUMB.jpg Khalistan is inevitable. It is our destined future. But the people we hear screaming today for Khalistan will not be the ones to create it. Khalistan is going to be created by the true Khalsa, the ones that follow the teachings of all 11 Sikh Gurus and who are truly pure of heart...... → read more
Beware of an Anthropomorphic God!
jesusFire-thmnl.jpg One of the many traps that language holds for us humans is the knee-jerk tendency to anthropomorphize - ascribe human-like qualities - to things and concepts which are neither human nor human-like. Thus, we talk about "Our nation wants our sacrifice!" - "We need to defend our flag!"..... → read more
Becoming a Man
guransh-thmnl.jpg Guransh Singh knelt at the altar of Guru Granth Sahib as the granthi (elder) and uncles unfurled yards of a salmon-colored fabric. His family and friends, beaming with pride, sang in the gurdwara as the men crowded around the 14-year-old, tucking and tying, until..... → read more
Therapeutic art arrives in Dufferin
Rapinder Art Therapist.jpeg Helping through art:. Registered art therapist Rapinder Kaur opened a practice, Art as Therapy, at the Harmony Health Clinic on Highway 9 last fall. Kaur specializes in working with children and teens with a myriad of challenges including ADHD, anxiety, autism, depression and low self-esteem...... → read more
Vaisakhi, Sava-Lakh and UNITED SIKHS Volunteers
Thumb_US_AID_Team.jpg As we celebrate Vaisakhi, we are reminded of our purpose in this world through Anand Sahib, one of the 5 Banees: “Eh Sereera maeraeya, Es Jag Mae Ayaekae, Kya Tudh Karam Kamaeya”: Oh, this body of mine, what have you earned through your actions, since you came into this world?..... → read more
Akal Takhat Hijacked?
akaltakhatblogpost-THUMB.jpg I often hear frustration and disappointment in relation to SGPC and those involved in the management of the Gurdwaras in India. There is a feeling of lack of leadership, corruption, over politicization of Sikhi, practices which are counter to Sikh belief........ → read more
Banda Singh Bahadur - A Shrewd Strategist And Brilliant Tactician
ThumbBandaBahadur.jpg We are fast approaching the 300th Anniversary of Banda Bahadur's victory over Nawab Wazir Khan, the Governor of Sirhind and the Zalam who had ruthlessly bricked alive the two younger Sahibzadas of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. This brings back memories of a brave Sikh Bairagi..... → read more
The Joy of Vaisakhi
baisakhi-thumb.jpg Vaisakhi is the most festive day for the Sikhs and is celebrated on the 13th and 14th April annually. This unique occasion marks the establishment of the Khalsa Panth and the idea of creating a universal brotherhood and a casteless society...... → read more
My Relationship With The Guru - part 1
my-relation-1.jpg Sat Mitar Kaur talks about how the Guru is a miracle to her, and how she has gained gratitude in the face of displeasure. Bani and Kirtan help her connect to the Guru...... → read more
Sikh Delegation meets Rabbi Froman -1
GURU_GOBIND_SINGH_JI-1.jpg While the orthodox followers of one like to wear loose white clothes and the orthodox followers of the other like to dress in formal black suits, they both admire long flowing beards very much. It promised to be an interesting afternoon and evening...... → read more
Do Seva and reserve a seat in Heaven!
Haiti-8-sqr.jpg My name is Dr. Pargat Singh Bhurji MD, FRCP(C.) I am a specialist in paediatrics and neonatology. I was trained at the prestigious University of British Columbia, Vancouver. At the Children's Hospital I am the only turbaned Sikh Specialist. more
Always been a Sikh but only realised it 20 years ago
GoraSikh-THUMB.jpg Becoming a Sikh altered my appearance, but did not change my core values and principles. I simply found a religion consistent with my basic beliefs. Sikhism turned my life from black-and-white to color...... → read more
Bhai Taru Singh - A Review
BhaiTaruSingh-THUMB.jpg It was a soul-touching, eye-wetting and emotional roller-coaster experience. The movie made a very sincere attempt in regenerating the Spirit of Warrior-Saint, through the life of legendry Bhai Taru Singh jee...... → read more
The Nitnem Banis
nitnem-THUMB.jpg Human birth is supreme amongst all life forms as it provides an opportunity for the soul to end its journey of births and deaths and merge in God. For this to occur, a human must realize why he or she has taken this birth..... → read more
Transforming Tragedy to Triumph
GuruTej3.jpg When we face challenge and adversity in life, the natural tendency is to find safety. Yet life is a sequence of challenges, each with its own sequence of failures or successes, tragedies or triumphs...... → read more
He once was blind but now can see, a little
Kenya - Michael Kung'a Feb-2010-sml.jpg When his world went dark four years ago, Michael Kung’a resigned himself to a life of broken dreams and lost hope. The only light in his life were the fast-fading memories that defined his happier days more
Mai Bhago
maibhago-THUMB_0.jpg When forty Sikhs deserted Guru Gobind Singh jee during a Moghul siege, it was chiefly Mai Bhago who rallied them to re-seek the sanctuary of the Guru. This story is a first-hand account of the wife of one of those forty Sikhs..... → read more
Book Review: A Lion's Mane
lionsmane-THUMB.jpg Rarely do I come across a book that strikes a balance of being both educational and inspiring...this is what I found in A Lion’s Mane by Navjot Kaur. A Lion’s Mane is about the journey of a young Sikh boy who while discovering..... → read more
Adopt-a-Book incentive by Panjab Digital Library
Panjab Digital Library-sml.jpg Play your part in preserving the heritage of Panjab and Sikhi - Sponsor a Book for digitisation. Books are a source of constant knowledge and motivation. Some readers prefer a particular book for its aesthetic appeal, more
Timthumb.jpeg There is a story I read once, about a monk who lived on his own on the outskirts of a village. One day, a young woman accused the monk of getting her pregnant. The other villagers believed her. After the baby was born,..... → read more
My Papa, the perfect Sikh of the Guru
Sikh papaji val-2sml.png Once I had gone to a village in Maharashtra for some work, when I was pleasantly and tearfully astonished to witness the love for a Sikh. I had spent an hour or so with my contacts, when a young Marathi lady of the village more
In Jeopardy: Punjab, The Bread Basket of India
PAU-a.jpg "With just 1.5 per cent of India's land area, Punjab produces 20% of the country's wheat and 12% of its rice. It provides 60% of the Central government's reserve stocks of wheat and 40% of its reserves of rice"..... → read more
Chardi Kalaa in Dubai
Dubai1-b.jpg In the gloom and doom of global inter-religious conflict, I have a ray of shining light to share. The Islamic owners and rulers of the jewel in the desert - Dubai, in the gulf states of United Arab Emirates,..... → read more
Seva: Neither a Shield, Nor a Sword
Seva-prashad.jpg I have noticed that the concept of seva - loosely translated as "selfless, voluntary service" - is nowadays increasingly wielded as a weapon and less as what it is meant to be. The other day, when..... → read more
Summary Judgment at the Akal Takht
Prof.-darshan-singh-khalsa-sml.jpg The recent decision of the Akal Takht to ex-communicate Prof. Darshan Singh, a legendary exponent of Gurbani through kirtan and Katha. Is this judgment sound? Can the trial be deemed procedurally correct?..... → read more