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' Ik Onkar One God ' is a book on Sikhism, written by Simran Kaur Arneja, a 27 year old Sikh from Mumbai, India. This book is the result of the writer's personal discovery of Sikhism, which she found to be one of the world's most modern, simple and beautiful spiritual paths.

The book has been written to share this vision and revelation with others, especially the Sikh youth from across the globe who are looking for such means to re-connect with their roots, their religion. Keeping such a target audience in mind, the book is a quick-read, kind of like a guidebook to Sikhi.

Though not very expansive it is still very informative and covers topics such as the Sikh Gurus, their lives, their teachings, the basic concepts of Sikhi and most importantly how we can use those beautiful and timeless teachings in our lives today and attain ultimate bliss. The writer hopes to make the book available throughout the world so that it can reach all those hands for whom it has been written.

The book was officially released in Mumbai on 2nd Nov 2009 (Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Prakash Utsav) and will be subsequently taken to other cities in India and around the world.

For more information the writer can be contacted at: [email protected]