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Baba Hardas Singh (1670 - 1716) was the famed grandfather of Maharaja Jassa Singh Ramgarhia. He was a resident of Sur Singh, a large village in the Lahore district. He took Pahul (the Sikh baptismal oath) from the hands of Guru Gobind Singh, the initiator of the Pahul tradition who bestowed the original Panj Piares. Giving up his work as a ploughman, he became one of the Guru's personal attendants.

Baba Hardas Singh was only five years old when Guru Tegh Bahadur and his three brave companions bravely faced their tortuous executions in defence of the threatened Hindu Pandits of Kashmir, in Chandi Chowk at the order of Aurangzeb. Baba ji served the Sikh panth under the guidance of the tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh. He was responsible for hand writing of many holy granths. He worked with one of the famous Sikh martyr and scholar Bhai Mani Singh. After the death of the Guru, he joined the forces of Banda Bahadur (also (1670-1716) and took part in almost every battle for religious freedom, under the Sikh Jathedar's (commander's) flag, against the Mughal Empire's forces. In 1716 Baba Hardas Singh died in a skirmish.

Granths written by Baba Hardas Singh

Gutka written by Baba Hardas Singh

He was responsible for various contributions to the scriptures of the time. The "Das Granthi manuscript" contains Gurbani which is believed to be have been selected by Guru Gobind Singh. The scribe of this granthi (smaller version of granth) is Baba Hardas Singh. He worked under the guidance of Bhai Mani Singh at Sri AnandPur Sahib. The manuscript holds importance as it may help resolve a number of textual issues of Gurbani.

Baba ji was a great scribe in service of Guru Gobind Singh. His handwritten masterpiece of Adi Granth was enshrined in the Sikh Reference Library. The World Sikh Heritage Museum has now collected three granths by this great manuscript writer.

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