Guru Tegh Bahadur Leaves Anandpur Sahib

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Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib at that time had another cause of disquietude. The Sikhs of Dilhi sent a messenger to inform him that his brother Dhir Mall had instigated Ram Rai to complain again to the Emperor regarding his supersession. The Guru dismissed the messenger, and told him to put the minds of the Dilhi Sikhs at ease. He at the same time wrote to them, 'What can a thousand enemies do to those on whose side God the great Guru is? Kings and emperors are all in His power. No one can be touched except by His will.'

Guru Sahib determined to change his abode, as well to give instructions to his Sikhs as to avoid annoyance from his relations. On hearing of his intention the people of Anandpur waited on him. They pointed out that they had all come here through reliance on him, and yet he was now going to leave them. They had left their homes for the two fold advantage of being able to see the Guru and derive material profit from their change of residence.

Guru Tegh Bahadhur Ji Maharaj, smiled at his sikhs and said to them:

'O my beloved Sikhs, this world is transitory. You ought never to fix your hearts on it. Profit and loss, weal and woe, rejoicing and mourning, which come according to God's will, ought to be equally endured. Perform the duties of your religion, and repeat God's name. Meditation on God's name is the only means of salvation in this world. Wherefore ponder on it, give alms and practise ablution, serve saints with your mind, body, and wealth; speak civily to everyone, but keep your thoughts fixed on God. A great being shall be born who, shall come to abide here, and contribute to the extension and importance of this city. I have only sown the seed; he shall shade this place like an overspreading tree.'