Guru Tegh Bahadhur and the Sodhis' Jealousy

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After being proclaimed Guru at Bakala, there was an attempt on Guru Tegh Bahadhur's life orchestrated by his brother Dir Mall in an attempt to replace him. Then his brother's followers robbed Guru Sahib's home. So deciding not to remain in Bakala Guru Tegh Bahadur proceeded in the direction of the river Bias. On arriving at its margin Guru Sahib saw some of his beloved Sikhs carrying the holy Granth Sahib which had been taken from his brother's possesion along with the items stolen from the Guru's home.

Guru Tegh Bahadur saluted and then bowed down before the holy Granth Sahib (still in the posession of the Shodis the Bir is now known as 'The Kartarpuri Bir'). Guru Ji then looked at his sikhs and questioned them, "Dear sons of mine, are you sure that you have not brought any of Dhir Mal's property with you?"

They replied that they had returned everything they had taken from him except the Granth Sahib which they had brought with them. Guru Sahib reminded his Sikhs that everything should be returned to Dhir Mal, included the holy Granth Sahib Ji of Satguru Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The Sikhs protested, but then finally agreed. Guru Sahib then crossed the river.

Meanwhile Guru Ji pursuing his journey arrived at the village of Hazara situated not far from Kartarpur, where a memorial Gurudwara Sahib was subsequently built in commemoration of his visit. The next day he reached Durga near Nawashahar where also an edifice was built in his honour. The Guru then proceeded by very easy stages to Kiratpur.

There again he was plagued with the jealousy of the Sodhis, and sought rest on some land about six miles distant, which he subsequently purchased from the widow of the Kahlur Raja whose funeral he had traveled to the area to attended. The Rani was an admirer and sold the Guru the land in hopes of keeping him and his Sikhs nearby. He there laid the foundation of the city of Anandpur in the month of Har, Sanibat 1722 (A. D. 1665).

(Some argue that the city begun by the Guru was never called Anandpur until the building done by Guru Gobind Singh.)

On hearing of the founding of the city, Dhir Mal and the Sodhis became still more envious of Guru Ji, and were determined to ruin him. Of this Guru Ji was duly warned by his beloved Sikhs. Guru Sahib in reply said that he himself entertained no envy or jealousy of any one. 'He who is angry with the Guru without cause shall obtain his deserts. I do not desire to annoy any one. The Guru's love and kindliness are at the disposal of all. I have received Guru Nanak's order to cause the true Name to be repeated throughout the world.'