Guru Nanak in Greece

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According to Harpal Singh Kasoor (Historian and Kathavachak), Guru Nanak Dev Ji visited Greece, during their Udasi towards the west.

Guru Nanak at Messologhi

From the city of Athens, the group went to the town of Messologhi by ship. They reached there in the evening before Sodar. Almighty Guru ordered Bhai Sahib Mardana Ji to set the Rabob in Sri Raag so that they can sing in the praise of the True Owner of this universe. Guru advised the residents of Messologhi that it is not their food or their dress that counts but it is the Name of Almighty God which counts to cross over the diffcult ocean of this universe.

Guru Nanak in the town of Arta

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From the sacred town of Messologhi the whole team reached the town of Arta by yakkas. Next morning both Almighty Satguru and Bhai Sahib Mardana Ji started singing before the Almighty God and recited Asa Di War. In the morning before dawn Selim-I of Ottoman Empire and his courtiers came to the Sangat.

The great Satguru ordered the Raag Ramkali and recited and uttered the following Holy Lines which have been recorded by Satguru Arjan Sahib on Holy Page No.955-956 for all of us. In these Holy Saloks the Almighty Satguru Has Repeated the definition of jog, which is a word from the sanskrit language of India. The meaning of the word is union of one's soul to God or the Supreme Spirit. It is derived from Yog or Jog -- from Indian word yoga, from Skt. yoga-s, lit. "union, yoking" (with the Supreme Spirit). This is the word for the ancient Hindu art of Yoga, often practised by the Faquirs of India, an art in which Guru Nanak placed little, if any, belief in as a means of getting closer to God.

Guru Nanak in Kastoria

From Grevana the whole team reached the town of Kastoria.The ottoman Empire, Selim-I touched the feet of the Almighty satguru and sought His permission to go back to Istanbul(Turkey) and attended the Diwan aftrenoon.Almighty satguru ordered Bhai Sahib Mardana Ji to play the Sarang Raag on the Rabob and uttered the following Holy Lines--' Mahalla-I on Holy Page No. 1238 of SGGS.These Holy Lines Reads--Uniting together, soul and body separate, and having separated they unite again. Mortel lives, lives to die and dies to be born again.He becomes the father of many, the son of many and the guru and the disciple of many.

After the prayer was made and the Diwan was over, Turkish Sultan left for Istanbul by yakkas and Almighty Satguru and Bhai Sahib Mardana Ji left for Albania by yakka.The Turkish Sultan left Kastoria with a heavy heart and died after about five and a half months in September 1520 from the separation from the Great Pir, Satguru Nanak Sahib Ji.Read More