Guru Nanak in Egypt

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"It has been learned that a platform of Nanak Wali still exists in honour the vist of the Guru in the Suburban area of Cairo. [Sikh soldiers] saw a platform towards the south of the town of Kaikai which was stated to be the place where the Master had met with the Sultan and that the Sikh soldiers had congregation and sacrement there".

Prof Chahal, - Sikh soldiers had fought in Egypt where they had reportedly found a stone in memory of Guru Nanak. Where is that stone and why didn’t they raise any such monument there?”

If it is proved that Guru Nanak had visited Turkey, then it would authenticate some Janamsakhis which claimed that after Mecca, the Sikh guru visited Egypt and then from Kahira, he went to Palestine, Syria and Turkey.

It is also believed that "from Arabia Guru Nanak reached Egypt and then travelled through North African countries."