Guru Nanak at Gaya

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From benaras guru Nanak reached Raj Giri. Here a fair was on and people from different creeds are come with their mistaken beliefs. He blessed people put them on true path of recitation and went to gaya.

People were astonished to see his handsome, bright and shuining face and wondered who he was. Some priests also came to him. The priests were host to pilgrims. the pilgrimes gave charity for the happiness of the dead ancestors called sharads. The priests asked guru to do the same for happiness of ancestors.

Then guru said: i have already given charity for my ancestors, my holy saints and for myself. but the charity is such that forgetfulness of te lord in their mind has gone and they have been blessed.

Heaven and hell is there, when there is forgetfullness of the lord ion mind. but those who have lit the lamp of name i.e recited the lord's name with love, have been blessed. He said : the prime worship is reciting the lord's name and to remember that he is everywhere. he is inside us. He is close to us. He loves us. If we love him, our bad deeds will be washed away, and the sufferings that come on account of the bad deeds will not come.

Do not remain in mistaken belief that evil deeds cannot be forgiven. As a small spark ignites a mount of wood sly lord's name washes away all the sins.

Instead of giving charity in form of balls of ground barley dough you recite the true name of lord. instead of going to gaga, kashi or oher pilgrimage centers you love the lord.

To love the lord and to recitre hs name incessantly with love. In the way, you will get the grace of the lord you will get eternal happiness.

Bodh Gaya

here nanak met with devgir the mahant of temple of bodh gaya and had conversation with him.