Guru Ladho Rae

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Guru Ladho Rae were the Words yelled out by Makhan Shah Labana when he found the Nauvin (ninth) Guru—Shri Guru Tegh Bahadur.

Makhan Shah, who during a ferocious storm at sea (probably a typhoon, for which the waters around India are well known) made a promise to Waheguru of the contents of his money belt strapped around his waist, which he was sure was about to be scattered across the ocean's bottom as his ship was tossed dangerously close to jagged stones as he neared Surat on Bharat's coast.

As we all know today the successful trader had 500 golden Mohurs in that belt. Now while many normal men would, when such a storm broke and they found themselves safe again on land, modify that promise to God. But Makhan Shah was a Sikh and a Lubana - a man of his word!

When told that his beloved Guru, the 5 year old Guru Har Krishan had died suddenly in Delhi tending to the sick during an epidemic speeping the city, he also learned that he had said that the next Guru would be Baba Bakala or some Guru who would be found in the village of Bakala near Amritsar.

Well we have all heard the story of his little ruse he planned to find the real Guru among the many fakirs who had swarmed the village after hearing of the youngest Guru's prediction.

So here we'll just say that when Makhan Shah, with his self imposed 'Kala Mukhi', rushed to the roof top of Guru Tegh Bahadur's building and started shouting Guru Ladho Rae which means The Guru has been found. That the now famous phrase is composed of words from the Lubanki dialect which is, unfortunately, rarely spoken in India today.

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