Guru Gobind Singh's description of the Battle of Bhangani in Dasam Granth

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This is how Guru Gobind Singh describes the Battle of Bhangani in the Bani, Bachitar Natak, which appears in chapter 8 of this section of Dasam Granth.


When I obtained the position of responsibility, I performed the religious acts to the best of my ability. I went hunting various kinds of animals in the forest killing bears, nilgais (blue bulls) and elks. Then I left my home and went to the place named Paonta. I enjoyed my stay on the banks of Kalindri (Yamuna) and saw amusement of various kinds. There I killed many lions, nilgais and bears. The Raja Fateh Shah (took offense at my hunting and) became angry and fought with me without any reason.

Bhujang Prayaat Stanza:

There Sri Shah (Sango Shah) became enraged and all the five warriors; including the tenacious Jit Mall and the desparate hero Gulab, whose faces were red with ire, the persistent Mahri Chand and Ganga Ram, who had defeated a lot of forces and Lal Chand who was red with anger, he who had shattered the pride of several lion-like heroes, all were standing firmly in the battlefield.

Mahri got enraged and with a frightening expression killed the brave Khans in the battlefield. The godly Daya Ram, filled with great ire, fought very heroically in the field like Dronacharya. Kirpal in rage, rushed with his mace and struck it on the head of the tenacious Hayaat Khan with all his might, causing the marrow to flow out of his head, which splashed like the butter that spattered out of the pitcher of butter broken by lord Krishan.

Then Namd Chand, in fierce rage, wielding his sword, struck out with such force that his sword broke. Then he drew his dagger and the tenacious warrior saved the honour of the Sodhi clan. Then the Maternal uncle Kirpal, in great ire, manifested the war-feats like a true Kshatriya. The great hero was struck by an arrow, but he caused the brave Khan to fall from the saddle. Sahib Chand, the valiant Kshatriya, killed a bloody Khan of Khorasan. He slew several graceful warriors, with full force; the soldiers who survived, fled away in order to save their lives. There (Sango) Shah exhibited his acts of bravery in the battlefield and trampled under feet many bloody Khans. Gopal, the king of Guleria, stood firmly in the field and roared like a lion amidst a herd of deers. There in great fury, the warrior Hari Chand, very skillfully took up a position in the battlefield from where he discharged sharp arrows in great rage and whosoever was struck, left for the other world.

Rasaaval Stanza:

Hari Chand (Handooria) in great fury, killed significant heroes. He shot skillfully a volley of arrows and killed a lot of the enemy forces. He was absorbed in dreadful feat of arms. Armed warriors were being killed and great kings were falling on the ground. Then Jit Mall aimed and struck Hari Chand down to the ground with his spear. The warriors struck with arrows became red with blood. Their horses fell and they left for heavens.

Bhujang Prayaat Stanza:

In the hands of the blood-thirsty Khans, there were the Khorasan swords, whose sharp edges flashed like fire. The bows shooting out volleys of arrows - twanged, the splendid horses fell because of the heavy blows. The trumpets sounded and the musical pipes were played, the brave warriors thundered from both sides. With their strong arms they struck (their enemies), the witches drank blood to their fill and produced dreadful sounds.


How far should I describe the great battle? Those fought attained martyrdom, thousand fled away.

Bhujang Prayaat Stanza:

The hill-chief spurred his horse and fled, the warriors went away without discharging their arrows. The chiefs of Jaswal and Dadhwal, who were fighting (in the field), left with all their soldiers. The Raja of Chandel was perplexed when the tenacious Hari Chand caught hold of the Raja's spear in his hand. He was filled with great fury, fulfilling his duty as a general; those who came in front of him, were cut into pieces and fell (dying in the field). Then Najabat Khan came forward and struck Sango Shah with his weapons. Several skillful Khans fell on him with their weapons and sent Shah Sangram to heaven.


The brave warrior Sango Shah fell down after killing Najbat Khan. At this there were lamentations in this world and rejoicing in heaven.

Bhujang Stanza:

When this lowly person (Guru Gobind Singh himself) saw Shah Sangram falling (while fighting bravely) he held aloft his bow and arrows. He, fixing his gaze on a Khan, shot an arrow, which stung the enemy like a black cobra, who (the Khan) fell down. He drew out another arrow and aimed and shot it on the face of Bhikhan Khan. The bloody Khan fled away leaving his horse in the field, then he was killed with the third arrow.

After regaining consciousness from the swoon, (Hari Chand had earlier been knocked to the ground by Jit Mal) Hari Chand shot his arrows with unerring aim. Whosoever was struck, fell down unconscious, and leaving his body, went to the heavenly abode. He aimed and shot two arrows at the same time and did not care for the selection of his target. Whosoever was struck and pierced by his arrow, went straight to the other world. The warriors remained true to their duty in the field, the witches and ghosts drank blood to their fill and raised shrill voices. The Birs (heroic spirits), Baitals (ghosts) and Siddhs (adepts) laughed, the witches were talking and huge kites were flying (for meat). Hari Chand, filled with rage, drew out his bow, he aimed and shot his arrow, which struck my horse. He aimed and shot the second arrow towards me, the Lord protected me, his arrow only grazed my ear. His third arrow penetrated deep into the buckle of my waist-belt. Its edge touched the body, but did not cause a wound, the Lord saved his servant.

Rasaaval Stanza:

When the edge of the arrow touched my body, it kindled my resentment. I took the bow in my hand and aimed and shot the arrow. All the warriors fled, when a volley of arrows was showered. Then I aimed the arrow on a warrior and killed him. Hari Chand was killed and his brave soldiers were trampled. The chief of Kot Lehar was seized by death. The hill-men fled from the battlefield, all were filled with fear. I gained victory through the favour of the Eternal Lord (Kal). We returned after victory and sang songs of triumph. I showered wealth on the warriors, who were full of rejoicings.