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GURMAT PRACHARAK LARI a series of books published to propagate the Sikh way of life. The series was begun in 1919 at Rawalpindi by Giani Sher Singh, an adept in traditional Sikh teachings and an influential political leader. In this planned series of books, Giani Sher Singh invisioned publishing one book every month in Gurmuki and another every quarter in Urdu on Sikh history, theology or simple translations of portions of the gurbani.

The first book in this category was Giani Sher Singh's own Guru Granth (Panth), published in December 1919. To stop any interuptions in publication, Giani Sher Singh acquired his own printing press and appointed for its management Bhai Nanak Singh (who later rose to fame as a Punjabi novelist). Thinking things would move more efficiently in Lahore, Giani Sher Singh shifted his headquarters from Rawalpindi.

Soon after the launching of the series, the Gurdwara Reform movement picked up speed and Giani Sher Singh shifted his main focus to the volatile political scene of the Panjab at this critical time. Without his active participation the work on the Gurmat Pracharak Lari project lost momentum and ceased after a few months.

Besides the Guru Granth (Panth), other books issued in the series were Dharam Darpan, in three parts; an exposition on the Asa di Var; Khande di Dhar, a biography on Guru Hargobind; Deg Teg da Malak, a biography on Guru Gobind Singh; and Nitnem Satik, an exposition of the barns (verses) that every Sikh is enjoined to recite daily:

  • Japu
  • Jap Sahib
  • Savaiye
  • Chaupi
  • Anand Sahib
  • Rahras
  • Kirtan Sohila.