Gurdwara Suhela Ghora Sahib

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Gurdwara Suhela Ghora Sahib is situated in Pail village near the Anandpur Sahib City in Ropar District. This is a village now in ruins near Ganguval, 5 km north of Anandpur along Anandpur Guru ka Lahore road. The village still has a shrine commemorating Guru Hargobind's visit in 1635. Here one of his favourite stallions called Shhela, which was wounded in the Battle of Kartarpur, finally collapsed and died.


Krori Mal, a Sikh from Kabul, was a disciple of Guru Hargobind Sahib. He gifted two horses to Guru Hargobind, Dilbag and Gulbaag. Guru Hargobind named them Bhai Jaan and Suhela. When Guru Hargobind blessed Mata Sulakhani with son, he was sitting on this Suhela Ghora. Guru Ji fought Battle against Mughals in Kartarpur Sahib on this Suhela Ghora.

Suhela Ghora was wounded in the battle. Guru Har Gobind stayed at Nawashahar for at least one month as Suhela Ghora was undergoing treatment. Later Guru Har Gobind started from Nawashahar to Kiratpur Sahib and when they reached this place Suhela Ghora left for his heavenly aboard. At the time of battle Suhela Ghora was hit with 600 bullets, and when it was cremated nearly 125 kg of cast metal was found in the body. Guru Har Gobind himself performed ardas and cremated Suhela Ghora here.