Gurdwara Mehdiana Sahib

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Gurdwara Mehdiana Sahib

Gurdwara Mehdiana Sahib is situated in the village of Mehdiana, Teh Jagraon District Ludhiana. Guru Gobind Singh Ji came here while traveling across the Malwa region. During the Mughal rule, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji while delighting the followers of Raikot, Lamme Jattpure & Maanke village, reached Mehdiana Dhaab (A natural water reservoir) and stopped to look at the holy water of the Dhaab. The nearest habitation was 2-3 miles away. At this Dhaab, Guru Gobind Singh Ji & the followers did Daatan (Piece of a twig of tree used as tooth brush) and took baths. Then the Dasvin Guru began his morning's meditation. Bhai Daya Singh Ji asked his Guru that as the Singhs and their families were now parted, what would be the next step they should take.

Guru Sahib instantly put the Teg on his chest and said, "Bhai Daya Singh I have returned the Debt and have become victorious."

Guru Sahib Ji answered Bhai Daya Singh's question with humbleness saying, "Singh and Tiger are king of the same jungle. Singhs should keep faith in Almighty." Bhai Daya Singh Ji again requested Guru Ji on behalf of all the Sikh followers to which Guru Gobind Singh Ji humbly said:

"Singho Dhaende Desh Da Jadon Sahara Nahin Si Udo Pita Nu Desh Te Variya Main|
Mata Gujri Sirhind De Vich Gujri Sama Gujareya Jiven Gujareya Main|
Char Puttar San bakshe Parmatma Ne Oh Vi Joda Joda Kar Ke Variya Main|
Mainu Shahenshaw Na Tusi Kaho Singho Kishtan naal Hai Karza Utareya Main|"
Sangat is bigger than Guru".
Sent father to Delhi on Kashmiri Pandits plea,
then on Sangat's request left Anandpur Sahib,
left Chamkaur Garhi on Sangat's request,
now you are asking me on Sangat's behalf.

It was evening by the time the discussions were going on and on Sangat's request, he prepared his mind to begin writing the Zafarnama. There was no place to stay on the Dhaab, so Guru Sahib went to village Chakkar. The next day going via village Takhtupura, village Madhe and village Deena Sahib, he made his mind to stay with Lakhmir and Shamir. Here he wrote the Zafarnama and sent it to Auranzeb in Aurangabad in the hands of Bhai Daya Singh and Bhai Dharam Singh. This place has Guru Ji's blessing, so whoever comes here with a wish, his prayer doesn't go unanswered.

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School of Sikh History

Gurdwara Mehdiana Sahib is not only a splendid architectural acomplishment, it is also famous for its architecture and monuments depicting important events in Sikh history. The gurdwara is also commonly known as the School of Sikh History. It has a beautiful sarovar with greenery all around. As one walks about the sound of various birds chirping from the surrounding trees have made this place a heavenly abode for pilgrims.

The gurdwara is built in the memory of Guru Gobind Singh who while being hunted by the armies of the Mughal dynasty, had after the Martyrdom of his sons and mother, posed as a Muslim Pir. Reaching safety the Guru travelled on horseback through Roykot, Jatpure and Manuke until he reached Mehdiana. Impressed by the beauty of Mehdiana and the pure water of its pond he decided to rest there for a few days.

A few years ago the Mehdiana complex looked like a forest with dense trees and bushes growing all around the place of worship. The gurdwara was not developed and maintained properly and there was no habitation within a distance of two to three miles. Later Jathedar Jora Singh Lakha took the responsibility for its development and made Mehdiana Sahib a popular destination for pilgrims. In 1972, when Lakha started the work, only a few acres were attached to the gurdwara but slowly the gurdwara complex covered 25 acres.

Besides all the statuary adorning the Gurwara, there are the nearby sculptures and statues of Sikh warriors who not only laid their lives for the sake of the religion but also endured torture at the hands of the Mughals. These statues depict soldiers, women and children being cut to pieces. Some sculptures show Bahi Kanya, one of the soldiers of Guru Gobind Singh, serving water not only to the wounded soldiers in their own army but also to wounded enemy soldiers. Through these sculptures Lakha not only aimed to depict history but also to educate people that religion was more important than their lives. He felt it was better to sacrifice one's life than to accept injustice and cruelty and lose one's self-respect.

Lakha has tried to show that the Sikh religion was born from the sacrifices of our ancestors and that religion should not be taken for granted. The importance of preserving one's self respect and the triumph of good over evil have been beautifully depicted in the sculptures and paintings.

The gurdwara is a fine specimen of Sikh architecture. Crores of rupees have been spent on its construction. Exquisite meenakari work can be seen here. On the door of the eighth floor of the building is engraved the picture of Bhai Gurdas who is dictating the bagtan di bani to the fifth guru. On the walls of the gurdwara are engraved the pictures of Guru Gobind Singh's miracles along with his hymns and on the main door is shown Bhai Daya Singh Hura holding the horse of the Guru. Inside the main building of gurdwara a beautifully decorated Guru Granth Sahib is kept. Gurudwaramehdwanasaheb.jpg The gurdwara complex has its own Dasmesh Public School. Around 500 children from surrounding villages come in this school. To the right of the gurdwara building is a museum which houses beautiful paintings depicting the journey of Guru Gobind Singh from Patna to Anandpur Sahib.

Baba Farid's asthan

Near the main building of the gurdwara, is Baba Farid's asthan. This asthan looks like a small fort with a beautiful and realistic sculpture of Baba Farid and the pictures of different birds like crows, eagle etc. surrounding him. For the entertainment of children there is a mini zoo which houses rare animals. This zoo is in the form of a fort. There is also a modern sarovar, the foundation stone of which was laid by Sadhu Singh Bhora. Langar is served 24 hours a day.

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