Gurdwara Mau Sahib

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This Gurdwara panoramio photo link is situated in village Mau , in distt. Jalandhar Tehsil Phillaur on Talwan road.Nupital ceremony of Guru Arjan was performed with Mata Ganga at this place on 19th June, 1589. Marriage party of Guru Arjan included saints like baba Buddha jee,Bhai Manjh jee, Bhai Salo jee,sai Mian Mir jee,Bhai Gurdas jee, Bhai Chhajo jee etc. Kishan Chand Khatri father of Mata Ganga jee on advice of chaudhary Allah and Phiroze , asked Guru jee to uproot stub of a Jund Tree left out after pruning it, a very hard condition, so that they have not to marry their daughter with such a groom whose party included so many sadhus or saints in it. On seeing this Baba Buddha jee advised Guru je to uproot the stub, which Guru jee did very easily with his spear while riding on his horse.Guru jee then on request of sisters Harian jee and mata Ganga jee , that not to punish them for deed of their father, forgave the family and then Anad Karaj was performed by Baba Buddha jee with rejoicing a by all.Every year in memory of this event a big gathering is held on the place and Jor Mela is celebrated on the day. A 120 ft high Nishan Sahib panoramio photo link is unfurling all the time at the place.