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General Sardar Gurmukh Singh Lamba was most eminent general of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, who was wounded fifteen times and was a recipient of highest military award Izazi-i-Sardari and civil award of Nirmal Bud Ujjal Didar.He was with Maha Raja at capture of Lahore in 1799. When Nar Singh Chamiark wala died in 1807,his troops were placed under the command of Sardar.

In 1807, he captured the famous fort of Moranda (Kasur) from the grand son of Ahemed Sha Abdali where he was wounded with spear and was awarded Jagirs of Kasur areas of thirty five thousand per annum.He commanded a division,in the capture of Fort of Attock in 1813 dominating the crossing places over the River Indus,build by Akbar the great grand son of Baber.

He was a commander of Fauj-e-Khas,the most predigious troops of the Maharaja.Sardar captured the famous Fort of Rothas,noe the UNESCO Heritage Fort from the Ghakhar Chief Nur Khan, father of Fazil Dad Khan in 1825. When Sikh army under general Tara Chand was defeated on way to Bannur by Dilasha Khan, the cowardly general fled leaving the prestigious guns in the hand of enemy. Sardar on his own charged at the head of his horse men and recaptured the guns when the enemy celebrating the victory.

Sardar General Gurmukh Singh Lamba was nominated by Khalsa Sarkar Wazir Jawahar Singh as military and civil Commander to dconsolidate the gains of Sikh Army & the Fort of Jamrud, area leading to Khber Pass. Where Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa died while defending the fort.Later Sardar along with Sardar Bur Singh of Mukharian,confined the Maharani Jindan till the out break of Multan disturbances& discharged the difficult task with great care.

Sardar General Gurmukh Singh Lamba sketch portrait painting is displayed at Central Museum of Lahore at serial D-40 with caption which read as under

"......His popularity,however made him incur the enmity of the Main brothers,Raja Gulab and Dhain Singh.Who by the their influence over Ranjit Singh reduced the Sardar power and wealth. Sardar defeated their father Main Kishora Singh.On death bed the Maharaja said to have realised the wrong done to his faithful commander,regretted and commissioned his son Raja Kharak Singh to restore sardar power and wealth.".......It one sole example in the history when the Maharaja on death bed was so concerned about his fellow general who was always sincere to Sarkar Khalsa.Unfortunately our historian has not laid hands on the caption.

Sir Lepel Griffen, great historian of Sikh history writes in his book "Chief Of Punjab"......."The detail account of the military services of the Sardar, be the history of all the wars of the Sikh Empire"


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