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Sunny (left), Dr Freedom (middle) and Leela (right)

Freedom and Leela are singers of Gurbani Naad Sikh Kirtan and Indian Spiritual music. They have have a unique style which has enthralled many listeners. They have toured extensively for the past 15 years singing their mesmerizing sounds to over a million listeners. The group has shared kirtan, yoga chants, meditation workshops and special wellness presentations at hundreds of shrines, homes, yoga centers, programs, and concerts world-wide.

Freedom (male vocals and harmonium), Leela (female vocals), along with Sunny on tablas have toured throughout Canada, USA, Central America, India, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Kenya, Tanzania, Malaysia, and Mexico sharing music from their collection of 8 recordings.


All three members of the Kirtan Chanting group are Canadians. Freedom was born in 1958 in Mombasa, Kenya to a Khalsa family from India. His parents were from India. His birth name is Sarbjit Singh Neel and was brought up a practising Sikh. He began formal training in Gurbani Kirtan and in playing harmonium and tablas when he was nine. He began singing Kirtan, chanting and practising yoga during his elementary school years and continues to share this passion to date. He moved to Vancouver in 1969. Encouraged by Yogi Bhajan, he graduated from Western States Chiropractic College and became a Chiropractor in 1982.

In 1991, he moved to the Sikh Temple Makindu in Kenya and began to practice mysticism as prescribed by Guru Nanak and Sikhism. Since then he has been singing Kirtan, Naad, Devotional Indian Music and Punjabi music.

In 1995, Freedom met Leela who was born, Barbara Fraser in 1962. Leela born to parents from a Scottish heritage grew up in Nova Scotia. She is a classically trained professional soprano and received her Classical Degree and a diploma in jazz vocal performance from St Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia. She is a professional soprano and blends her melodious voice weaving western sensitivities into Eastern Chants.

A unique blend of Kirtan

After meeting Freedom, she began studying Gurmukhi, Indian raga scales and melodies, Golden Temple music, bhajan, mantra meditation music and Hatha Kundalini Yoga. In 2001 they both travelled throughout India for one year and recorded the CD titled RU, with renditions of the Gayatri Mantra, Waheguru Mantra and Mool Mantar of Guru Nanak Dev ji. They have recorded a total 10 Indian Devotional music recordings.

This special blend of participating kirtan and chanting music is a great experience for the entire family. If you get a chance, go and enjoy this uplifting, spiritual music and feel your spiritual essence awaken. Experience the sacred space in your inner self.

What is Kirtan?

Kirtan is an intricate combination of sound, mantras, 'shabads', music, rhythm and breath used to create a state of inner meditative awareness. Through devotional and expressive song, the singer and listener transcend, experiencing a state of mindfulness, creating a space of open heartedness toward humanity.

Baba Nanak was the greatest proponent of Kirtan. He used Kirtan to bridge the gap of religious division and to unite mankind. With his two companions, Mardana and Bala, he journeyed the East for several years singing Kirtan to audiences of various religious and spiritual paths. Baba Nanak chose Kirtan as his primary form of communication, expressing his love for the Universe; he spoke in song. His original writings (over 5 centuries old) or 'Shabads' were composed in specific 'Ragas', readily available today in the purest text form in the Adi Granth.

Kirtan has taken many turns in its expressive form over the centuries and today the style and format continues to evolve with the "trends" of the time. Nevertheless, Kirtan sung from the heart will penetrate any soul when the singer has connected with their inner self. Read more here


Dr Freedom, Vancouver, BC Canada

  • email: [email protected]
  • Telephone: 604 800-6921

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