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FATEH TV claims to be the World’s first ever channel which telecasts 24 hours gurbani and has a mission of conveying and spreading the teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji and Ten Guru Sahiban’s. The channel is not confined to India but can be viewed online by people all over the world.

The channel says on their website the following: "There is a great need for the upliftment of our community especially among our sikh youngsters, so that they understand and value their Sikh Heritage and become “Gobind De Pyaare”.So such religious channels are a great demand among our whole sikh community.

Different modern approaches have been adopted to spread the messages through gurbani like saying NO to Drugs, NO to Corruption and NO to Poverty which includes short movies, plays, kids program, talk shows, reality shows and quiz programs. And in a very short span of time the channel has earned so much respect that every Sikh has accepted it with open arms and called it “APNA Channel FATEH TV”. Fateh parivar is thankful for such an honour.

As per the survey conducted it came to our knowledge that people all over Punjab, mostly the youth are drug victims or unemployed and many other social and health problems are being faced by them like female foeticide. Through this channel we try to enlighten and sensitize the people regarding these social evils and are trying to eradicate them from our society. Not only through TV programmes we are working for the welfare of the society but we are establishing many different centres like:-

  • Fateh Computer Centre
  • Fateh Stitching Centre
  • Fateh Gatka Centre
  • Fateh Horse riding Centre
  • Fateh Pariwar Naari Wing"

Contact Details

Fateh Communications Pvt.Ltd.
S.Rajwant Singh Vohra (M.D)
12-A, Piccadily Park,
Near Silver Oak Garden,
Pakhowal Road,
Contact no. – +918288022781 , +917837070782
Email Us – [email protected]


Websites: http://fatehtvonline.com/ Instagram: www.instagram.com/fatehtvchannel Twitter: www.twitter.com/fateh_tv Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fatehtvonline