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DCS are a British Asian live Bhangra band formed in 1983. They are seen as one of the first bands of the UK Bhangra scene along with other bands such as Alaap headed by the legendary Channi Singh, Apna Sangeet, Heera, Shava Shava led by Nirmal Kumar Nirmal and many more. As well as Bhangra, DCS also perform in Hindi and English.

DCS Today

DCS have returned with their double disc album, Desi Culture Shock after a seven year sabbatical since Punjabi Dance Nation. The track Oh Jaan Meri Yah which features 2Point9's Juggy D became a huge hit and Number 1 for five months on the BBC Asian Network Chart. Shin has also featured on Sukshinder Shinda's Collaborations and recently on Surinder Rattan's Lick 2. In 2008 Shin collaborated with dj vix on the smash hit tune Ah Chak Bottal Daru Di on the new DJ Vix - Vixtape Album.


  • "Teri Shaun" 1985 (Multitone Records)
  • "Au Nach Lao" 1986 (EMI)
  • "123 Go" 1986 (Mighty M Records)
  • "Bhangra's Gonna Get You" 1988 (Multitone Records)
  • "DCS O.U.1" 1992 (Multitone Records)
  • "Doin It" 1994 (Multi/BMG Records)
  • "Eat Ehythm" 1995 (Multi/BMG Records)
  • "be with me" 1995? mainstream single
  • "Punjabi Dance Nation" 1998 (Kamlee Records)
    • "Tenu Kaul Ke"
  • "Desi Culture Shock" 2007 (Kamlee Records)
    • "Oh Jaan Meri Yah" (featuring Juggy D)
    • "Rab Ne Banaiyan"
    • "Pilade Pilade"
    • "Bothle Sharab Diye"

Impact on Bhangra

DCS are seen as the predecessors to and have influenced modern day bands such as B21 and many more. Shin is seen as one of the most prominent Bhangra vocalists from England.

DCS are also one of the most respected bands in the industry due to their lack of variation between their recordings as opposed to other live bands and their live performances and this may be one of the reasons why they have been performing till this day.

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