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In Feb.1856 (Samat 1913 Bikrami) at village Garmula (Chack No.169 ) Distt. Gujaranwala (now in Pakistan) Sardar Jawand singh got a son named Mool Singh. He got his primary education at Karyal town from Molawi Karam ILahi. During study he started teaching students also. And when he promoted, in 4th standard, he took part in middle exams and so he took very good marks and completed his middle. So he became a teacher Mudrassa. After that he got married at Badoratte, quit teaching in 1883 and started Ayurveda when a Yogi taught him about recognisation of some Herbs but did not got perfaction so he joined Police and posted at Pindi Bhatian policestation in 1885. There, he met Mian Umardeen and started learning Ayurveda.

When he got perfaction,he took permission from his teacher (Mudras), resigned police and started practise at village Gurmula. He got popularity in whole area espacially in Sandalbar and Kasoor (Majha) area. With the blessings of Waheguru, he started curing patients suffering from diseases. He was having a perfact formula in infertility. Thus so many people got children with this formula. He taught so many students who got very popular and served very well to patients. Dr. Dalip singh Dyalpura gate Karnal, Dr. Gurcharan Singh Kataria Karnal, Dr. Iqbal Singh Jalandhar, his grand son Dr.Jaswant Singh Nilokheri are well known in their areas.
He was not only an Perfect Ayurveda Doctor ( Vaid ) but a Sikh Preacher also.As i heard from my grandfather Sardar Santokh Singh Jee,Bhai Sahab was having such a laud throt that people could listen his lecture from mile of distence without laudspeaker.He was known as a very angry person also.Because if somebody ignore his order in his family,he started beating with his stick (Khunda).There were so many people who learnt from him who to perform religius speech(Sikhi Parchaar).Sir Sunder Singh Majithha use to call Bhai Sahab when and where he got some difficult situations. In thosedays,in virk families their were so many men who got married with muslim women.And Bhai Sahab Started Amrit Parchar between those couples and made them Sikhs (Singh).So muslim Comunity was not in favour of that type of Amrit Parchar (Sudhi Karan).He became very popular and respected person in the whole Sandalbar Area and got a reward as Bhai (Sahab)from Singh Sabha Lahore.He got Namberdari,SafaidPoshi and Zaildari. Bhai Kartar Singh Jhabar also serve Sikhs due to Bhai Sahab.Bhai Kartar Singh Jhabar listened his lecture in 1904 and started take part in Sikh Samelanas. He got three sons from his wife Ishar kaur jee (Mata Jee),named (Sardar)Harnam Singh, (Sardar)wariyam Singh and (Sardar) Arjun Singh. (Sardar) Harnam Singh died in 1919. Bhai Mool Singh Garmula was not only a very good Kirtaniye(Gurbani Shabad Kirtan)but a poet and writer also.
(i) Upkaar Khalsa
(ii) Khalsa Chandan Birchh
(iii)Guru Gareeb Niwaj
(iv) Tib Mool Punjabi
are his books as poetry and published but he wrote 9 (Nine) more books which are unpublished.
(i) Sugam Bibek
(ii) Amolak Bachan
(iii) Chint Parhaar
(iv) Astrot
(v) Updesh Mani
(vi) Gian Darpan
(vii) Satsang Mahatam
(viii)Akal Simran
(ix) Rehkta
My grand mother Sardarni Surjeet Kaur told me that when they came to india in 1947 partition,they took a cart full of books of Bhai sahab but in the way they lost everything and could not save those books instead of one which she took in her underarm and that was Tib Mool Punjabi.

(to be continued )