Babbu Mann's Song Feud

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Babbu Mann's Song Feud is a controversy over the song "Ik Baba Nanak C" from his album called "Singh is better than King". In this Song Babbu Mann Exposed today's Fake Babas. The song is supported by maximum percentage of Sikhs but not by all. Babbu Mann also commented on the illiterate and uneducated people whom are responsible for today's dera culture and the promotion of fake babas in Punjab. Babbu Mann also talked about the way how these babas are living luxurious lives, which is not required at all. The song is about true face but while the song has some positive impact there is also some negative impact generated by the song and that is due to Babbu Mann. Let's read the song first:


The wordings of the songs are:

"Ik Baba Nanak c Jine tur ke duniya gah ti,
ik ajj kal babe ne batti lal batti te lati"
(Once there was baba nanak who wandered around the world, and on other side today's baba who puts red lights upon their cars)

"Kar Sewa de naam te mangde nakad, notan d thaili,
main sunya babe ne ajkal kali audi lai li"
ehna anpad bibiya ne bande gal rabb d takhti pati (In the name of Kar sewa they take huge amounts of money, I have heard that baba took a Black Audi, These Uneducated ladies put the throne of god in Human's neck)

Nikki jihi gall utte ho jande dange lagdiya aggan
koi banda safe nahi hai ve jandiya lagan paggan
eh ego dharmad (Riots happen over small matters with fire everywhere, and no man is safe and turban also burns, this ego of religions kill people)

Kahnu tappe stagan te rakh ke vaja tu v gaa le tera baag pal gea ve jaa centre ch kulli pa le reelan hor bikniya ni kheti kar tu gayak sathi "Ik Baba Nanak c Jine tur ke duniya gah ti,
ik ajj kal babe ne batti lal batti te lati"
(Why are you dancing on stages, keep harmonium and start singing,,,,you would get benifit and put home in centre government,,,,no more Tapes will be sold now start farming o friend singer)

Dhadrianwala Views

Baba Ranjit Singh Dhadriyanwala commented on this song and how discouraging it is for Parcharaks and Kar Sewaks. He also said that if some Preacher purchases a car then what's the problem with that.

Personal remarks were given to Babbu Mann as he is inhead and he is not suppose to talk anything about sikhism, as he is not a full sikh. He said if babbu mann could come and preach Sikhism, he would give all his money to him.

Moranwali Views

Baba Tarsem Singh Moranwali have same views that the song is discouraging for Parcharaks and Kar Sewaks as due to these people we are able to preach sikhism and make Gurdwaras. He said people not to listen such songs. According to him if a preacher take Car is not a wrong thing as it is needed according to time.

He also blamed that Babbu Mann a Druggist and even he do not have pure character how can he come speak against anyone's character. He also commented that the Religion which can not give honour to their Preachers and Kar Sewaks, that religion will never attain new heights. He also said that Babbu Mann Songs spread wrong thing amongs youth.

Moranwali also didn't care for the way he compared Baba Nanak with today's Baba.

People Views

Acc. to Youtube Comments, Forums, Replies, Maximum people support Babbu Mann for his courage of opting such song and sing and present through media before us which acts as eye opener. Babbu Mann was first who made movie called Hawayein which was based on 1984 riots.

Some People questioned that Babbu Mann himself is not a Milk Bathed person. They commented him a Smackia, Inhead and parcharak of Nudity among youth. His songs promotes vulgarity and Jattism, both of which have a bad impact on youth. Even he himself is inhead and not preaching Gurbani or Gurmat Sangeet upto that extent.

polls are carried out on various Media Channels among Dhadriyanwala and Babbu mann who is best and maximum votes have gone to babbu mann.

Changes in Song

Babbu Mann changed some words from his songs. Kar Sewa is replaced by Bhanve Sewa, and Kali Audi is replaced by Gaddi Kimati

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