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Anhad - The man on mission is the title of a forthcoming book by Akashdeep S Batth. Anhad, as the name implies, is a Superhero who has come to Earth to eradicate evil by all possible means, with the teachings of the Holy Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. He was found in a village Kotli an imaginative place. Growing up to be tall and handsome, young Anhad becomes a fantastically gifted master of the Sikh martial art of Gatka, which he learned from his Father Amrik Singh. Our hero's life story then takes many turns as Anhad struggles through tragic incidents, tough times and tests, until one day when 17 year old Anhad becomes a Superhero...

About the Book

Anhad (2011) is the maiden fiction work of young Akashdeep S Batth, a budding novelist from Punjab. The book carries an inspirational message for the youth of today and those of future generations. The plot and structure of the book is well-knit and episodic. The narrative has been told in an objective and omniscient manner. The reader may find one or two episodes to be rather fantastic in nature, as they lend the colour of ‘Magic realism’ to this fictional tale. The diction of the piece, though rather colloquial, is quite easy to comprehend. Gurmukhi words and terms have been used repeatedly in the book.

Reason behind this book

“I have read many 'so called Sardar jokes' that are easily found on the Internet or sent (and even saved) on mobile phones as text messages; I want to stop this! I believe that fiction can kill fiction, so to kill the image of the fictitious funny characters so often, labeled as sardar's, I have created a fictitious Sikh superhero in this book. My book is not intended as a work of religious fiction. It is for all sects and communities of the world. I hope that readers will appreciate this thought.”

Looking for the best, Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh! -Akashdeep S Batth


Author -Akashdeep S Batth

Illustrator -Ranjeet Singh Rana

Foreword by -Prof. Rohit Chatrath

Released on 30th december, 2011

About the author

Anhad (2011) is the maiden fictional work of Akashdeep S Batth, though less than twenty years of age, the author has chosen a thought-provoking and often captivating subject matter, around which he has successfully framed his fiction. He has shown maturity in handling the theme and the spiritual message of this prose-work, despite his youth.

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