1991 Punjab killings

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Sorting the TRUTH

This story seems to have been copied from one on wikipedia, leaving out the name of the militants, and adding Sikhs to those wounded on the second train. In reference number 2, again from the N Y Times, it is stated: Gangs of gunmen opened fire on two passenger trains -- Hard to sort out the truth here, seems to be that the thoughts of the reporter, or perhaps the religion of the reporter, shapes the 'Truth".

Story as copied here.

On June 15, 1991 militants killed at least 80 passengers travelling in two trains near Ludhiana in Punjab state in India. The trains were stopped about a kilometer from Ludhiana station when someone pulled their emergency cords. On one train the survivors stated that Hindu passengers were singled out and then shot. On the second train militants fired indiscriminately killing and wounding many Sikhs as well as Hindus.

In December 1991 the militants killed another 49 passengers, mostly Hindu, while travelling on a train from Ludhiana to Ferozepur.

  • In the original story, from the N Y Times, the millitants are - reported to be Sikh separatists - notice the word reported:
A group of gunmen, reported to be Sikh separatists, marched through a hijacked passenger train in Punjab state this evening and systematically shot Hindu passengers, leaving at least 49 dead and 20 wounded, Indian news agency reports from the area said.

Story as reported on wikipedia

The 1991 Punjab killings was a massacre of train passengers that occurred on 15 June, 1991 in Ludhiana district, Punjab state, India. The Sikh militants killed at least 80 bus passengers travelling in two trains near the city of Ludhiana in in India. The militants attacked two trains about a kilometre from Ludhiana station by having their emergency cords pulled. They opened fire inside the passenger trains so stopped and killed at least 80 passengers. The survivors stated that on one of the two trains Hindu passengers were identified before being shot. On the second train the militants fired indiscriminately and many Hindus were killed.[1]

In the same year in December 1991 the militants further killed 49 passengers, mostly Hindu,travelling on train from Ludhiana to Ferozepur.[1]